Black Cod – Sablefish

Anoplopoma fimbria

Fishing Region:Alaska, British Columbia, Canada and Washington State

Product Form

H & G ( Headed and Gutted) Black Cod Black Cod Fillets, Individually vacuum packed


Black Cod is highly prized for an intensely rich, buttery flavor – hence the nickname “butterfish” – and for its surprisingly delicate texture. Although commonly called “black cod,” this deep-sea fish, which can live up to 5,000 feet (1,500 meters) below the sea, is not part of the cod family.

Sablefish have a dark grayish-green body with a pale grey or white belly. Its sleek body is covered with small scales that feel vaguely furry to the touch. Sablefish inhabit shelf and deep-sea waters from central Baja California to Japan and the Bering Sea. Their high fat content provides a rich flavor and velvety texture, making sablefish perfect for smoking.

Product information

Fishing areas: Alaska, British Columbia, Canada and Washington State


Product form: H & G individually frozen, 50 lbs cartons

Size grades: 4-5, 5-7, 7+ lbs

Fillets, individually vacuum packed