Leucoraja ocellata

Fishing Region:Northwest Atlantic, New England, USA

Product Form

Raw frozen Wings


The bottom-dwelling, kite-shaped Skate is found worldwide in temperate and cold waters, as well as in deep, tropical waters. Like sharks, Skates have no bones, but rather a skeleton of cartilage. Fresh Skate landed in winter is considered the best!

Only the wings of the Skate are eaten. It has a mildly pronounced flavor, similar to scallops. The flesh is soft, but firms up after is has been chilled. Raw meat is slightly off-white (sometimes pinkish) and cooks up off-white. The meat of the wings has a striated, open-fan configuration. Because of this wing structure, Skate has a stringy texture. Each wing produces two fillets – one from the upper side and one from the lower.

Product information

Other names: Spiny Skate, Atlantic winter skate

Product form: Raw frozen Wings, skin-on or skinless, IWP

Fishing area: Northwest Atlantic, New England, USA


Product form: Raw frozen Wings, skin-on or skinless, IWP

Carton size: 5 kilos net weight