About Providence Bay


Providence Bay Fish Company as founded in 1991 with the objective of exporting New England’s best quality skate wings and monkfish to France, Germany and the adjoining countries of Western Europe.   The 1992 Canadian Cod Moratorium created an opportunity for us to expand our sourcing into Canada as several seafood processors asked us to bring our technical and marketing know-how,  and to show them how to process under-utilized species, such as dogfish, sea cucumbers, whelk, conch, and mackerel for export.   Several seafood processors soon asked us to also market their traditional species such as lobster, crab, scallops, hagfish / slime eel,  black cod / Sablefish, silversides / spearing and California Loligo squid.

Today we are still just as young at heart, always looking for new opportunities to bring the best in seafood to new markets.