California Loligo Squid

Loligo opalescens

Fishing Region:Pacific Ocean, California, USA // Product of the USA

Product Form

Frozen whole round


Product of the USA

California market squid are part of the mollusk family known as cephalopods (meaning “foot-on-head”). Their bodies are long and tapered, with a mantle that is not fused to their heads. Market squid swim backwards through the use of valves near their head. Market squid have eight arms and two tentacles with suckers that extend out from the ends of their bodies where their mouths are located. They have a mixed, iridescent coloration ranging from milky white and purple to mottled brown, but their coloring can change in response to a number of environmental factors. California market squid can reach about a foot in length. They have short lifespans, normally only living for six to nine months.

Squid is available year-round frozen, whole, or cleaned. It is also sold as frozen tubes, tentacles, and rings that are marketed breaded or un-breaded. Some buyers suggest looking for tender squid that’s ivory colored with white skin, which indicates higher quality. Improperly frozen squid will have a reddish tinge, and poor-quality squid will smell like iodine or ammonia. California market squid is a good substitution for expensive shellfish like clams and shrimp.


Product information

Product Form: Frozen whole round
ProductFishing area: Pacific Ocean, California, USA



Not size graded

Most common packs: Inner cartons of 1 lbs, 1 kilo, or 5 lbs

Also bulk pack in master carton of 10 kilos