Hagfish – Slime Eel

Myxine glutinosa

Fishing Region:Atlantic USA, Canada

Product Form

Raw frozen H & G Skinless


The Atlantic hagfish is a deep-water fish. They can be found at depths of up to 5,600 feet (about 1,800 meters). They are known on both sides of the North Atlantic Ocean as far north as Norway. Hagfish prefer soft sea bottoms where they can quickly bury themselves when threatened. Hagfish is an unusual sea creature. Its body is covered with special glands that can emit a sticky slime. In fact, a single hagfish can produce enough slime at one time to fill a milk jug. This has earned it the name “slime eel”, although it is really not an eel at all.

These long, eel-like fish have stellar defenses (blasting predators with slime), impressive offenses (tying themselves in knots), and some truly bizarre bodies (sightless eyes and multiple hearts). Nearly 80 species of the tentacled deep-sea dwellers exist worldwide.

Product information

Other names: Slime Eels, Atlantic Hagfish
Gom-Jang-O, Gom Jang Uh, Korean Sea Eel

Range: Atlantic USA, Canada


Product form: Raw frozen H & G Skinless, Packed in 2 lbs gold foil bags

Master Carton: 12 bags x 2 lbs bags