Dipturus laevis

Fishing Region:Atlantic coast of North America, New England, USA // Product of the USA

Latin species name

Lophius americanus

Product Forms

Whole frozen, Monkfish tails, Monkfish fillets


Product of the USA

Monkfish have a very distinctive shape, resembling a huge tadpole.  Their body shape and coloration allows them to wait on the ocean bottom, camouflaged until prey passes.   They have a modified spine on their head that looks like a small fishing pole with bait attached, which helps them attract prey and gives them the name “ angler”.    When prey does approach, a quick opening of their huge mouth suck in the prey and rows of inward-pointing teeth prevent escape.

The meat of monkfish in white and firm, similar in texture to that found in lobster tails. 

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Product Info

Other Names: Angler, Goosefish, Lotte

Range: Monkfish are found in the Atlantic Ocean of North America, from the Grand Banks of Newfoundland,  through New England coastal states such as Massachusetts and Rhode Island, as far south as the mid-Atlantic.
Product of USA

Product Forms: Whole frozen, Monkfish tails, Monkfish fillets


For the Korean Market:
Because all parts of whole monkfish, including the skin, are eaten in Korea, Providence Bay uses only monkfish caught by near-shore short-trip gillnet vessels.  Gillnet monkfish is the freshest and has the highest quality.

Monkfish caught by trawl or scallop vessels is not accepted. Those fishing methods damage the monkfish, leaving sand beneath the skin or mud in the monkfish’ mouth.  They are also typically older and less fresh at the time of landing.

Whole monkfish packed for Korea is gutted. The stomach remains attached, but has been cleaned. Each monkfish is individually wrapped in plastic.  An additional plastic liner inside each carton further protects the fish.

Providence Bay’s whole monkfish are size graded according to how many fish there are in a 20 kilo carton.  The most common sizes are 3, 4, 5 and 6 whole monkfish per carton of 20 kilos.

For France and other European countries:
European and North American buyers typically prefer to buy
Frozen monkfish Tails, either skin-on or skinless, IWP, packed in 10 kilo cartons
Size graded 1 -2 lbs, 2 + lbs

Frozen monkfish fillets, skinless, IWP, packed in 5 kilo cartons
Size graded 100 – 200 g,  200 – 400 g,  400 – 800 g,  800 + g



Product forms:
Whole frozen, gutted except for stomach which remains and is cleaned
Monkfish Tails, Skin-on or Skinless
Monkfish fillets, Skinless

Size grading by number of fish per carton of 20 kilos: 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 fish / 20 kg carton net weight
Carton size: 20 kilos net weight
Monkfish Tails, Skin-on or Skinless, size graded 1-2 lbs, 2 + lbs, IWP, cartons of 10 kg net weight
Monkfish fillets, Skinless, size graded 100/200, 200/400, 400/800, 800 + grams, cartons 5 kg net