Lophius americanus

Fishing Region:New England, USA

Product Forms

Whole frozen, Monkfish tails, Monkfish fillets


The monkfish is one of the least attractive fish in the deep, with a huge head, tiny eyes and an enormous mouth filled with needle-like teeth. Obviously not intended for the display case, the whole fish rarely makes it ashore, since fishermen generally remove the tail and lover at sea and throw the rest back. Tail meats can range from one to four pounds, and the livers are used in Asian cuisine for soups. Monkish are found worldwide, but the primary harvesting areas are in the North Atlantic from coastal Norway to the Mediterranean and from the Grand Banks to North Carolina.

Monkfish has a mild, slightly sweet taste. The tail meat, the most commonly used part of this fish, is firm, dense and boneless. It doesn’t flake readily and is firm like scallop or lobster meat. The raw flesh is off-white to pale grey, covered with blue-grey membrane; while cooked meat is white. With headless monkfish, blood is a sign of a recently caught fish. Don’t accept tails when the edges of the meat are discolored or there’s a fishy odor!

Product Info

Product forms:
Whole frozen, gutted except for stomach which remains and is cleaned

Monkfish Tails, Skin-on or Skinless

Monkfish fillets, Skinless


Size grading by number of fish per carton of 20 kilos: 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 fish / 20 kg carton net weight
Carton size: 20 kilos net weight

Monkfish Tails, Skin-on or Skinless, size graded 1-2 lbs, 2 + lbs, IWP, cartons of 10 kg net weight

Monkfish fillets, Skinless, size graded 100/200, 200/400, 400/800, 800 + grams, cartons 5 kg net