Red Coral Sea Cucumber Meats

Cucumaria frondosa

Fishing Regions: Deep Atlantic Ocean of North America, USA, Canada and Iceland // Product of the USA


Gold foil bags or 1 or 2 lbs net weight. Master cartons of 24 lbs


Product of the USA

Providence Bay’s Red Sea Cucumber Meats are sold raw frozen, and are meant to be cooked before serving.

One of the most popular applications is to use them in Chinese Hot pot ( Hotpot, 火锅  ).  Shabu-shabu is the Japanese variation of this dish.

A pot of soup stock is simmered on the dining table and the raw meat of our Red Coral Sea Cucumbers is one of the ingredients that dinners place into the pot to be cooked.  It is a main meal and a social cooking experience similar to the French fondue, except that fondue is cheese based, and hotpot is the cooking of raw seafood, vegetables and mushrooms in a soup stock.

Red symbolizes luck and happiness in Chinese culture.  Accordingly, our Red Coral Sea Cucumber Meats are also very popular as a dish to be served at wedding banquets.  At banquets, the cooked red sea cucumber meats are presented on a bed of steamed vegetables.

The cooked red sea cucumber meats have a wonderful mild flavor and a delightful mouthfeel.

Scientists are just starting  to understand the health and medical benefits of orange-footed sea cucumbers. Sea Cucumber extracts have unique components and are being studied for their ability to reduce inflammation, stimulate immune systems and prevent tumor growth.

Our red coral sea cucumbers are 100 % wild-caught  deep-sea, with no added color or ingredients.

The fishing of these  sea cucumbers, Cucumaria frondosa,  Orange-footed Sea Cucumbers,  is well regulated in both the USA and Canada.  It is a sustainable fishery.  Depending on the fishing zone, the sea cucumbers are landed between mid-January to October. Most of our production occurs during the months of June to September.

For further reading:

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Product information

Other names: Orange-footed sea cucumber, Red Coral Sea Cucumber, Sea Cucumber guts

Range: Deep-Sea Atlantic Ocean of North America:  USA, Canada and Iceland

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Vacuum-packed in gold-foil bags of either 1 or 2 lbs net weight
Master cartons of 24 lbs net.