Placopecten magellanicus

Fishing Region:Northwest Atlantic, Canada and USA // Product of the USA

Product Form

Raw Frozen


Product of the USA

Scallops die out of water, so they are always shucked at sea and kept on ice. New Bedford, Massachusetts, is the largest sea scallop port, and the auction there usually sets the price. In this fish, only the adductor muscle, which allows scallops to “swim” by clicking their shells together, is eaten. Scallops are generally less susceptible to contaminations than other shellfish, since only this well-guarded adductor muscle is eaten.

Scallops have a sweet, rich taste that ranges from mild to briny. Top-quality scallops should have an ivory translucence and elastic springiness that allows them to keep their shape. When cooked, the meat us opaque white with a firm, lean texture.


Product information

Other names: Atlantic deep-sea scallop

Product form: Raw Frozen

Fishing area: Northwest Atlantic, Canada and USA

Brand: Comeau



Common pack sizes: IQF in 1 kilo bags or 10 kilo bulk,
Small blocks of 1 or 5 lbs net weight

Brand: Comeau