Family Atherinidae, Menidia beryllina

Fishing Region:Caught in Atlantic Canada and New England

Product Form

Frozen whole round, not graded by size


Silversides are names for the wide silvery stripe usually present on each side. They are found in freshwater and along coasts around the world in warm and temperate regions. They grow no bigger than six inches in length. It is an important source of food for bigger game fish. Having minor commercial value, Silversides are mainly used as bait or to spot larger sport fish.

Product information

Fishing area: Caught in Atlantic Canada and New England

Other names: Waxen Silverside, Spearing

Uses: Excellent bait for fluke, black sea bass and other sports fish. Used by sportsmen throughout New England, the mid-Atlantic and the southeast US.

Also used by zoos and aquariums to feed aquatic birds and mammals


Product form: Frozen whole round, not graded by size
Brand: Providence Bay

Most common packs:
10 ounce vacuum packed, 56 x 10 ounce per 35 lbs carton. Ideal for individual sports fishermen

2 x 2.5 lbs blo
cks in 5 lbs inner cartons, 10 x 5 lbs inner cartons per 50 lbs master carton